Gangs of Nairobi’s Slums

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South Africa’s Number Gangs

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Denmark: AK-81

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Kwok Wing-hung

Famed for his 70s-style sunglasses and bowl haircut, controversial businessman Kwok Wing-hung, popularly known by his nickname “Shanghai Boy”, was back in the news on Wednesday. He was arrested by drug police at a flat in Repulse Bay, on the south of Hong Kong Island, on suspicion of laundering more than HK$100 million. Kwok is …

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Wellington Luna De La Cruz

A Dominican national was extradited to the United States over the weekend for his alleged role in a drug trafficking organization responsible for over 16 kilograms of heroin that were seized in New Jersey and New York, Acting U.S. Attorney William E. Fitzpatrick announced. Wellington Luna De La Cruz, a/k/a “Orlando Luna Cruz,” a/k/a “Luis …

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Marixa Ethelinda Lemus Pérez, alias "La Patrona"

Authorities in El Salvador arrested a fugitive crime boss who had escaped from a Guatemala prison two weeks earlier, with officials from both countries crediting bilateral security cooperation for the recapture of the infamous “La Patrona.” El Salvador’s National Civil Police (Policía Nacional Civil – PNC) captured Guatemalan national Marixa Ethelinda Lemus Pérez, alias “La …

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Kenya's Gangs

They are young flamboyant police-taunting boys who post pictures of bundles of money along with bullet wounds coming from their dangerous adventures inside dark world of crime. These are today’s Nairobi criminal gangs in which pose with illegal guns along with send heroic messages about their colleagues who have been killed by police. They use …

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South Africa Numbers Gangs

The Numbers Gang, or the Numbers Gangs and associated with different numbers in different prisons, is a prison gang with one of the most fearsome reputations in South Africa. They are known to operate primarily in the Western Cape prison of Pollsmoor, however it is thought that they control most of the South African prisons. …

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Nigeria Area Boys

Area boys, also known as Agberos, are loosely organized gangs of street children and teenagers, composed mostly of men, who roam the streets of Lagos, Nigeria. They extort money from passers-by, sell illegal drugs, act as informal security guards, and perform other “odd jobs” in return for compensation. The groups are based in Lagos Island, …

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Denmark AK-81

For many years motorcycle gangs such as the illustrious Hells Angels and Muslim dominated street gangs managed to exist side by side in relative peace, in the struggle for control of the market for illegal drugs, especially cannabis, but also other forms of crime. Ethnic Danish gangs such as Hells Angels are increasingly coming under …

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The town of Sonsonate, not far from the Pacific Ocean in western El Salvador, is home to a prison housing more than 800 inmates. Like many of the prisons in this Central American country, Centro Penal De Sonsonate incarcerates only gang members—and, by definition, each one is a killer. La Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13, and …

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Barras bravas

From the only part of the stadium that is fenced off and has barbed wire running along the top, comes the relentless thumping of drums and brass instruments, heard only when the non-stop singing lowers its volume for a moment. Bodies, some shirtless and glistening with the sweat of a hot Colombian evening, some covered …

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