Gangs of Nairobi’s Slums

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South Africa’s Number Gangs

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Denmark: AK-81

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London Gangs

Selling drugs to make money is the top priority for …

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Kwok Wing-hung

Famed for his 70s-style sunglasses and bowl haircut, controversial businessman …

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Wellington Luna De La Cruz

A Dominican national was extradited to the United States over …

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Marixa Ethelinda Lemus Pérez, alias "La Patrona"

Authorities in El Salvador arrested a fugitive crime boss who …

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Kenya's Gangs

They are young flamboyant police-taunting boys who post pictures of …

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South Africa Numbers Gangs

The Numbers Gang, or the Numbers Gangs and associated with …

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Nigeria Area Boys

Area boys, also known as Agberos, are loosely organized gangs …

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Denmark AK-81

For many years motorcycle gangs such as the illustrious Hells …

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